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What is a technical chart? Experienced Team: Achieved administration and consultants from the fintech, investment banking, blockchain, and trading space. Is cryptocurrencies trading a world youd like to get involved in? Cash exchange, buy and sell crypto for cash. January 2019 14:00:01 GMT Saturday,. Read More Earn with CryptoCasher Roadmap. Address(0 tokenContract / fallback function can be used to buy tokens function payable public buyTokens(nder function setPriceToken(uint256 _newPrice) public onlyOwner require newPrice 0 priceToken _newPrice; / low level token purchase function function buyTokens(address _investor) public payable returns (uint256) require investor! Address(0 balancesaddressFundAdvisors d(fundAdvisors balancesaddressFundTeam d(fundTeam balancesaddressFundBounty d(fundBounty d(fundBlchainReferal d(fundWebSiteReferal balances_wallet balances_d(fundForSale * @dev owner burn Token. Inflation is one of those read-the-small-print kind of taxes that people dont often think about even though it can have a major impact on their finances and, thereby, on their lives.