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and there is no guarantee that the execution price of your order will be at or near the" displayed at order entry. For example, the China Investment Corporation. To close a position, an investor purchases the same number of assets that were sold short. The opposite of Bear/Bearish. S P 500 - A leading American stock index which lists the top 500 companies from the nyse and nasdaq. We minimised the costs to maximise your profits. SEK - Shorthand for the Swedish Krona, the national currency of Sweden. Fade/Fading - A trading method whereby a trader places a trade after an initial spike in prices, usually after a data release, and trys to profit from the retracement of the initial move.

For example if EUR/USD moves in price from.4498.4502, it has traded with a '1.44 handle' then a '1.45 handle'. Create trading accounts, modify leverage, enable swap-free options, edit and restore passwords. Government Bond - A debt instrument issued by a government, through the Treasury or Debt Management Office, for a period of time with the purpose of raising capital by borrowing. Consumer Confidence - The degree of optimism that consumers feel about the overall state of the economy. CAC/CAC40 - The primary French stock exchange. Option - A contract that grants the holder the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell currency at a specified exchange rate during a specified period of time. The"s, charts, commentaries and buy/sell ratings on this app/website should be used as references only with your own discretion. Stirs - Short-Term Interest Rate futures which are based on the various inter-bank lending rates such as Euribor. And the core reading provides a far more accurate look of the actual economy. G20 - A group comprised of the finance ministers and central bank governors of systemically important industrialised and developing economies to discuss key issues in the global economy. Currency traders prepare for volatility, the gauge ended.54 per cent on Monday after hitting a high.74 per cent. European Union (EU) - The economic association of over a dozen European countries which seek operando noticias forex to create a unified, barrier-free market for products and services throughout the continent, as well as a common currency with a unified authority over that currency.