sap tcode for currency valuation

on, new Entries a valuation Method: Enter a key that will represent your valuation method. Currency to maintain settings for automatic Posting of Payment differences. B lowest value principle: flagging this indicator means that the items are valued according to the lowest value principle. The exchange rate keys you define here are entered in the master records of the G/L Accounts that you want to valuate. In this step we make all the specifications necessary for the SAP valuation program to run.

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This is what is referred to as Foreign Currency Transaction. Use transaction FS00 to do this assignment. B) Double click on Exchange Rate Dif.: Open Items/GL Acct to maintain settings for automatic Post of Exchange rate differences when valuating open items and foreign currency balances, or use transaction OB09. Meaning that the valuation result is only taking in to account, if the valuation difference between the local currency amount (of the foreign currency transaction) at the original document creation and the newly revalued amount is negative, that is valuation run resulted in a loss. IMG Financial Accounting (New) General Ledger Accounting (New) Periodic Processing Valuate Foreign Currency Valuation Prepare Automatic Postings for Foreign Currency Valuation a) Double click on Exchange rate difference using 17 proven currency trading strategies ebook download exchange rate key to define the exchange rate key and assign the gain and loss G/L. The offsetting postings are done on the relevant G/L account. If there is no reference number, each line item is valuated individually. The next step is to assign to the relevant G/Ls (in the G/L Master data) an Exchange Rate Key created above. You can create your own valuation method by clicking. Just like the above, the valuation is calculated per item total, and items with the same invoice reference are viewed together.

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