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themed real-time strategy video game. Enjoy the brand new scenery of Ceres while mining for Uranium, a resource unique to the landscape of the frozen asteroid. Chemical refineries produce chemicals from carbon and fuel.

Enjoy some new scenery as you crush your competition to remain on top of the stock market. Additional DistributorsSteamStardock, jupiters forge expansion, nOW available if you thought turning a profit on Mars was tough, just wait until you land on Jupiters volcanic moon,. Glass kilns produce glass from oxygen and silicon. Play Well With Others - Cant we all just get along? Steel mills generate steel from iron. New Location: Ceres - The largest asteroid in the asteroid belt, Ceres presents great challenges to colonization with its vast spans of ice and rock. Through the black market, a player can purchase anything from underground nukes that wipe out resource pockets to mutinies that divert a rival's wealth into their pocket. Designed by a planetary geologist, these maps model the actual Martian surface in each of the red planets regions and will add plenty of depth to your Offworld experience.

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Conspicuous Consumption dresses up Offworlds five advanced buildings with custom particles and audio. Long-Term Planning - Youre in it for the long haul! Additional Digital mGreen Man GamingStardock, offworld trading company: gold, includes: The base game, Jupiters Forge expansion and all available DLCs. Water, Aluminum, Iron, Silicon, and Carbon are extractable from hexes that contain those resources. Challenge - Playtime is over! Offworld Trading Company features economic warfare ranging from hostile takeovers to sabotage.

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