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a notably controversial exchange. The Trading View has all the tools an advanced trader would ever need. I briefly mentioned this above in the candlestick paragraph. Read more about candlestick charts here. You can also set your timezone. For example a green candlesticks opening price is at the bottom of the body and closing price at the top. The cryptocurrency has 21 block producers (BPs) similar to miners on Bitcoins blockchain that have been criticized for reportedly having too much power. Find the visually best options for you in terms of the bars and the background. Market Depth this is the size of an order that is needed to move the market price by a given amount. No limit for deposit/withdrawal of digital currency assets.

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They show how high or low the price reached during the time the candle was open. This way you can make better decisions on when to enter and exit a what is trade forex account trade. Another key interesting thing to notice is that their exchange rates are high, compared to other exchanges. You can write notes on your chart and play around with many more useful stuff. If you are a beginner I recommend finding a great strategy and playing around with different indicators and tools on our demo account to find the ones you like most. That means you are buying the currency for exactly the price it is at the time of the execution of the trade. As their website states, HitBTC is one of the most advanced platform, from a technological point of view and it implements features like real-time clearing and advanced order matching algorithms. For example if you set your limit to buy at 300 the transaction will be done when the price reaches 300.

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