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wholly owned subsidiary of the Bank of the Philippine Islands. BPI Express Credit Amore Visa Classic. Why is BPI better in foreign conversion rate compared to other banks? Our Third Currency accounts are non-interest bearing savings accounts that keep your currency safe and secure. As of May 05, 2016, indicative Foreign Exchange Rates, print page. Which BPI Credit Cards can I use abroad to get the low foreign conversion rate? To illustrate the comparison : If you purchase abroad and charge 1500 using your Credit Card, your total transaction amount would be as follows:. We also show you the fees and the exchange rate youll receive upfront. Maximum Deposit Insurance for Each Depositor P500,000).

The Philippine peso is the only currency that can be sent to BDO accounts and theres a maximum limit of PHP 500,000 per transfer. Live conversions at of October 2017 BDO US to Peso conversion rate? Frequently asked questions. . BPI 1,500, php50, php75,000.00.85, php1,387.5, php76,387.5, bank C 1,500, php50, php75,000.00.525 Php2,643.75 Php77,643.75 Savings with BPI Php1,256.26 May vary based on the Visa daily conversion rates Purchase Amount plus Service Fee.

Convert Euros to Philippine Pesos EUR to PHP Currency. Visa Credit Card: Bank, purchase Amount (in USD visa Foreign Exchange Conversion Rate, aDD. You are inquiring about Foreign Exchange. Moreover, you can grow other currencies with BPI dollar account, since not only US dollar is accepted, but also Japanese Yen, Euro, British Pound, Australian dollar. Similar cards: In case the Punjab National Bank (PNB) World Travel Card doesnt impress you!