how to trade forex in kenya

them a certain amount of money, they will pass these skills to you. In the worst case scenario when the trade goes bad and the loss gets to 100 dollars the broker will automatically close the trade and limit the loss to the total deposit. Forex trading combination of data and market analysis. Let's consider the currency pair EUR/USD, the most traded currency pair in the world. Let's say a trader buys 10,000 Euros through his forex broker at the above mentioned rate, and two days later sells them.1131 (a difference of 100 pips which means a movement of only.9 which happens frequently in a two days period). You can also inquire from professionals in the field. I have met a few, so I know what am talking about here. Placing an order in the forex market Most online forex platforms have a minimum deposit requirement.

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Desperate Kenyans comment on ads asking how they can get training or where that persons office is situated in Nairobi. Would that story/interview be credible? But if you want to learn, you will spend money on training. You can either open a personal or managed account. Training takes a month. But, it is essential to understand at least the basics of the market movements. How about when you cross boundaries to look for successful Forex traders? This is how you make money by trading currencies. Open your free Demo account below. Alternatively, you can research on the internet. Here are some factors to consider when selecting forex trading brokers in Kenya Find background information about the company.

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