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not going to let anyone exchange their dollars for my gold. Hence US will not agree to Fixed Exchange rate in the first place. Lets fix the rates that 40 Rupees will equal to 1 dollar. Deshmukh, he was the first Indian Governor of RBI, This gentleman had cracked IAS exam in British-raj, known as keith cotterill forex ICS exam in those days. Provide money, loan, finance to needy nations. Fact: Gold becomes more expensive because of Inflation. Mohan : but still, why should we fix price of our currency to dollars? So there is an opportunity to make quick money, just tell the RBI manager to take suitcase full of dollars from RBIs locker to US Federal Reserve, take their gold in return, and sell it to the local jeweler at higher market price and use.

15 Yens will equal to 1 dollar. Since currencies are pegged, you will not indulge in extravagant spending in subsidies, welfare schemes, tax-reliefs or debt-waivers to farmers.

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Why should we accept your dollar as international forex signal 30 gold edition free download reserve currency? They dont actually mean that we need to move back to the same old Fixed Rate exchange system, in which every currency was pegged to Dollar and Dollar was pegged to Gold. Such uncertainty, is not good for economy. (requires another article). What is the value of your own dollar? (b) The disposal of such treasury bonds by the Primary Dealers, Direct Participants or Dealer Direct Participants. President Roosevelt : Because Ive the aukaat to pay enough gold, so I say dollars will be the international reserve currency. 1 ounce of Gold shall equal to 35 dollars. Why should we accept dollar as the reserve currency and not Yuan, Yen or Pound? Do we need Bretton Woods? Third day when 140 rupees, He will just kick you out because outsourcing generate that much profit for him.

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