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to bring proper regulations to the cryptocurrency trading and making it a legal tender. India Considers 18 Tax on Cryptocurrency Trading as Blockchain Startups Leave was last modified: May 23rd, 2018 by tim copeland. Blockchain Startups Moving from India, earlier this month, it was highlighted that startups in the cryptocurrency sector are moving away from India following its aggression towards Bitcoin. While most countries are either unsure of regulating Cryptocurrencies or have completely banned them, countries like South Korea, Japan and Thailand have legalised cryptocurrencies. The legal motion highlights that the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has not provided strong reasons for the crackdown which are needed to justify. Domestic players such as Wazirx, Koinex and Coindelta have also launched similar platforms. Purchase or sale of cryptocurrencies should be considered as supply of goods, and those facilitating transactions like supply, transfer, storage, accounting, among others, will be treated as services.

An anonymous source told, bloomberg that the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs is considering the proposal at the moment. What is a P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange? The tax could also apply retrospectively from July 1 2017.

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Buying and holding Bitcoin is not taxable, but if it has gained in value by the time its sold then that increase is liable to capital gains tax. Last week, Thailands Ministry of Finance did announce tax rates for Cryptocurrency trading, thus legalising cryptocurrencies in the country. Share with your friends. Main page, news 1k, the authorities of India keuntungan forex copy instaforex are working on a proposal that will allow authorities to impose Goods and Services Tax on cryptocurrency transactions, despite the legal uncertainty of this kind of activity in the country. America classifies them as property, like real-estate. Former Thailand Finance Minister Korn Chatikavanij was in favour of the legalisation of Cryptocurrencies.

On profitable trades, they have to make a profit of more than 7 to make actual profits. It has since been observed that there is an increase in demand for P2P cryptocurrency trading platforms in the country. VAT would be applied on all trades as they happen, irrespective of profit or loss. Thailand government previously legalised cryptocurrencies and announced that they would reveal clarity on taxes in April. Looking at this as a business opportunity, a number of major international names such as Huobi have launched their P2P cryptocurrency trading platform in the country. The platform launched by Wazirx has been particularly successful - with tens of thousands of users already signed up on the platform, which is just a month old.