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of Trades tab also uses US dollars: Now lets see how changing the currency. We use the function with closing prices (close) and momLen, the input variable we set to a standard value. That means the strategys results are reported in euros when we backtest an European stock and reported in US dollars when backtesting a US future. With this setting, the strategy always uses the same currency as the instrument it trades and no currency conversion happens. The slower average is computed on closing prices too, but now for a length of slowMALen bars.

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Another argument of strategy is currency, and with that argument we specify the account currency of the strategy (TradingView,.d.). How does a strategys currency conversion work and how do we configure it programmatically? This time we specify it should open a short position (longfalse) sykes home work from home jobs thats named Enter Short. In the first plot function call that argument is set to momentum, and with the functions color argument we display those 14-bar momentum values with the #4169E1 hexadecimal colour value of royal blue. S Stock Split, p Candlestick Patterns, to hide/show event marks, right click anywhere on the chart, and select "Hide Marks On Bars". When any of these three situations didnt happen on the current bar, enterLong is false and then we wont submit the enter long order later on in the script. Then we figure out the strategys conditions for opening long and short positions: enterLong crossover(quickMA, slowMA) and rising(momentum, 1) and (momentum momSmooth) enterShort crossunder(quickMA, slowMA) and falling(momentum, 1) and (momentum momSmooth) We make two true/false variables here: enterLong and enterShort. For the second expression we use the crossover function to see whether the 5-bar EMA of momentum (momSmoothed) rose above.

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