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with emphasis to his subscribers to enter the trade at mid price point (between bid and ask) but then, in his own account undercuts it which in the old days was called front running. Singh apparently has deep ties within the Indian and Pakistani communities. Claims to have a zero-risk strategy and is friends with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Most of the brokers use wire transfer followed by Neteller or credit cards. If you are content with decent and near linear profits, then you can choose this system. I called THE office they said IT should BE NO problem getting MY refund meone will GWT back TO AT WAS IN june ILL ybody else HAD that experience/ Complaint B: I dont think this guy even knows how an option works. Whether those trades have any validity or real potential for profit is a whole other question. . Option Robot Review Conclusion You may find websites or blogs criticizing the Option Robot. Compound the supposed gains over only the prior 10 months. Quite a large market. There are no exaggerated statements or testimonials anywhere on the website or any sort of false promises on 100 money security.

Obviously, the amazing. There are no testimonials and reviews from paid actors or identity thefts which the scam systems use so shamelessly. Singh was promising to investors.  We have raised a few thousand to go after them legally if we have to but they could simply answer their emails or return phone calls and return our and we would walk away but they do not respond in any way. The professionalism is apparent from their website. I DID everything they said AND finaly admited IT DOS NOT work here. His account shows that he rarely even takes the trades himself. .

We were sent a spreadsheet that contains zero losses. Dr Singh does NOT trade all of his own recommendations. . His credit spread trades each week bring such a small return that you can barely cover commisions and have, as others have already mentioned, a 10x greater risk of your money than reward. .

Martingale System, this system should be your choice if you like to take risks in your strides. To enter Dr Singh's weekly trades with any regularity is fraught with useless effort; many cryptocurrency trading app reviews trades never fill, those that do only do so due to falling rapidly and that assures you will be in the losing column. . Complaint D: Beware of this service. Singh Options, please click the stars below to indicate your rating for this newsletter, and please share any other feedback about your experience using the comment box below. Which includes a copy of a free book titled Stock Options Work only 30 minutes per day. Show Votes 5 Stars 6 Votes 4 Stars 1 Votes 3 Stars 2 Votes 2 Stars 0 Votes 1 Stars 6 Votes. Rest assured that it is not a scam and we have verified its working and found it to be genuine software. Wow, do I have a story to tell.

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dr singh binary options trading